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November 2012

Over the past months, we've been busy with LED lighting and other ways of saving energy and the ever rising costs associated with it. We have however also been involved with another important factor. Time. Or to be more precise, saving time. And needless to say as it's often quoted, "Time is money".

We've had quite a run this year on boardrooms and the high-tech equipment that ensures the room has maximum capability, whether talking to the person opposite the table or to a group on the other side of the world. But scaling down from that, we've been looking at ways of making meetings and presentations more efficient, whether it's just two or three people or over twenty.

On-Screen Presentation

The result is a system which allows the connection to a video system just a matter of clicking a button, getting the presentation on-screen in a second. But more than that, it allows the other people in the meeting to participate more actively. The result is enhanced meeting efficiency and better decision-making. There's no loss of time trying to connect laptops to displays, reconfiguring settings or finding the correct cables.

If several people need something to be seen, four participants can be on-screen simultaneously, or any single participant use the screen solely for themself if required. The system allows you to easily switch from one to several being displyed, by just a click.

The system works on PC or MAC, and with a click of the smart button which is USB connected, for which there's programming or software transfer needed, any participant can immediately and wirelessly transfer their disply to the large screen, whether it's a television or a projector. Any visualization system.  Whatís more, it does not interfere with your laptopís resolution and automatically displays the screen content in the most optimal way.

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